Expo attending Agriwash systems help control the spread of disease

With the recent outbreak of H7 avian influenza in Georgia, USA, Biosecurity in poultry farms is imperative to combat any threats to the flock and maintain a successful business.

“Effective biosecurity measures are essential in poultry facilities” says Ian Jolly, CEO of Agriwash  “preventative action and having the correct disinfecting systems in neighbouring farms and facilities will be a significant part of minimising the effect of the virus on the poultry industry. The Agriwash Defender and Boowash units were displayed at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas and World Ag Expo in California in the last couple of months and gathered interest from visitors looking to improve on their biosecurity system in 2017, the recent news of bird flu in the US has brought this to an even higher priority.” 

Agriwash systems are carefully considered to fit the needs of agricultural facilities where disease control is of paramount importance by defending the points of entry and exit for disease; wheels on vehicles entering and leaving the farm plus footwear of any farm visitors and farm workers are thoroughly disinfected. The Defender model fromAgriwash can be positioned in the ground or operate as a drive-over system. Thewash deck supports vehicles up to 10 tons per axle and spraying startsautomatically when a vehicle is detected. Disinfectant is sprayed through nozzles in the floor and side screens so it reaches all around the wheels of a vehicle and onto the undercarriage. 

The misting spray provides maximum disinfectant coverage, nozzle configuration and fluid pressure can be modified to suit weather conditions and the types of vehicles using the systems. With a variety of optional extras, systems are easily modified to customer needs.

Agriwash also offer a boot cleaning and disinfecting unit for poultry facilities, food processing plants or any other livestock facility. Made of moulded polyethylene, the unit is fitted with three fixed brushes and a removable hand brush. Stainless steel waterlines move disinfecting fluid into the brushes. A sump under the unit collects waste water for easy disposal. The unit simply requires a ½ in. water hose connection for operation.

For more information on products that could improve your biosecurity on farm, please visit www.agriwash.com or contact 281-445-0064 salesus@agriwash.com


Expo attending Agriwash systems help control the spread of disease